New Features and Book Of The Week

You may have noticed the changes to the site this week. As we noted in our sidebar warning, the site needed a refresh in order to display the range of content that has been growing steadily and will grow even more over the next few weeks. We trialled magazine style and newspaper style front pages but they didn’t quite suit, yet we needed ti showcase some of the older material.

So now you will see a bunch of new plugins to the right of the homepage that mostly do what they say on the tin:

    POPULAR POSTS: Is a list of the most popular posts for the last week
    CATEGORIES: Is a weighted cloud of the categories in which we place posts and articles, see the note on taxonomy below to understand how we use Categories and Tags
    RECENT COMMENTS: Features the last five or so comments site wide (feel free to pitch in)
    RECENT POSTS: Features the last few posts and articles chronologically.
    BOOK OF THE WEEK: We’ll skip for now
    SIGN UP: A sign up form for our mailing list (NB: not subscription to the news feed)
    TAGS: The second taxonomy we use for organising content.

We added the BOOK OF THE WEEK feature just to brighten things up on the site. This will be un-sponsored (so no influence can be brought to bear) and the choice will be eclectic and highly personal. We hope it appeals to readers. We will be creating a weekly archive of the selected titles as we move into 2010.

A Note On Taxonomy
Categories are and will remain the high level identifier for our content. They are deliberately broad and we try to keep them to a limited number.

There is a second much narrower level of organisation, Tagging. Tags are general names or people, organisations or even words that are more specific to a topic or item in question. O’Brien Press for instance need not be a category but people may well wish to investigate the recent stories filed under their tag or perhaps look at the recent ebook news that we have featured. Tags enable that in depth digging with a single click.

Right now, we don’t see a need to go deeper, especially as many articles have at least one category and two or more tags, but as always, we welcome feedback and taxonomy os no different.

We hope you like the look and feel of the newly renovated site and enjoy the new features and the new navigation aides.

Eoin Purcell