Poll: Is Irish Publishing Provincial?

A comment in response to my column in The Bookseller today caught my eye:

There is another strand to the issues facing Irish publishing, though, in that aside from fiction, Ireland, and I am troubled by saying this but believe it is true, behaves provinicially. There is a lack of books published by Irish publishers that stand alone on the international market, books that are not specifically related to Ireland. Obviously the Irish market is important, but in the wider scheme, it is small. Bookshops do support Irish titles, but they are also filled with books by UK and US publishers that are not specifically related to the UK or US. It would be good to see an Irish published non-fiction book do as well as some of the fiction produced. There seems no reason why there should not be more ambition to this end, and a drive to look beyond Ireland’s own shores.

And got me thinking. I wanted to find out what people thought, so here, is a poll with a simple question and answer! Let us know what you think!