Two Irish Kindle Firsts

The American Envoy Kindle Edition ImageThe O’Brien Press and Northern Ireland based Guildhall Press have both launched simultaneous paperback and Kindle versions of new titles.

O’Brien Press made Niall O’Dowd‘s American Voice available on the Kindle priced at $19.58 including VAT and international delivery via Amazon’s Whispernet service. Guildhall released Garbhan Downey‘s The American Envoy on the Kindle at $10.52.

According to O’Brien the list price for the Kindle edition is $17.99 or €13.12, cheaper than the list price for print of €14.99, and that is what readers in the United States pay for their books.

Irish customers however are required to pay both VAT and international delivery fees, pushing the price to $21.58 or €14.25 which is a considerable premium to the print price currently available on the O’Brien website, €11.99 (including a Paddy’s Day 20% discount), though delivery costs for the print book drive the inclusive price to €14.69.

Guildhall’s list price for the print version of The American Envoy is £6.95 or €7.67 and the price including delivery in Ireland is £9.75 or €10.76. The Kindle price is $10.52 or €7.65 making their Kindle version considerably cheaper than the delivered paper book.

Independent Authors
Although several independent authors have made editions of their books available via Kindle devices, O’Brien and Guildhall are believed to be the first to make newly released titles available simultaneously with the release of the paperback.

In January, Irish Publishing News featured a guest column by Sheila O’Kelly who was both a proud Kindle Owner and a kindle published author via Smashwords