Conor Kostick Named Farmleigh Writer in Residence 2010

The OPW has named Conor Kostick as the Farmleigh Writer in Residence for 2010. He is the fourth writer to be chosen for the residency. He will live on the estate in the Clocktower lodge from July to October.

Kostick has a guest post about the program of events planned during his tenure on The O’Brien Press blog:

When I was shown around the building the librarian, Julia Cummins, introduced me to the book collection that Benjamin Guinness (1937-1992) gathered. It is incredible. First editions abound, including Ulysses and collections of poems by Yates, with annotations in his own hand. But what excited me most of all was a thirteenth century manuscript by Gerald of Wales.

The highlights of the residency will include author talks, school visits and children’s writing workshops that will have an open application call.