Apple's iBooks Available In Ireland

iBooksApple‘s iBooks program is now available for download for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but only after users update their iPhone & iPod Touch operating systems to the new iOS4.

Irish readers do not yet have access to paid titles in Apple’s iBookstore, the iTunes for books, but they can download free Project Gutenberg ebooks to the iPod or iPhone and can also read the free Winnie The Pooh ebook that comes pre-loaded in Apple’s iBooks.

Apple announced today that they had sold 3 million units of the new iPad device since it launch 80 days ago. The iPad has not yet been released in Ireland but news on pricing is due and the device is due to go on sale early in July.

There is no word yet from Apple or Irish publishers on what titles and on what basis ebooks will be available on launch of the iPad and iBookstore.

Four of the largest publishers in the UK, Penguin, Macmillan, Hachette UK and HarperCollins had a presence on Apple’s iBookstore when the iPad launched there. They operate an Agency Model whereby the publisher sets the price and pays the seller, in this case Apple, a set commission.