iPad Goes On Sale In Ireland Friday

Apple’s iPad goes on sale in Ireland and 8 other countries on Friday 23 July.

The base 16GB wi-fi model will be priced at €499 but no further pricing has been released.

Although Irish readers will have access to the iBooks app on the iPad it is unclear if any Irish publishers will have titles available on the device.

However, publishers who have ebooks available through Kobo, Barnes & Noble or Kindle, all of whom have iPad apps will be able t sell ebooks to Irish readers.

Although there is no pre-order ability on Apple’s website the site does suggest that authorised resellers will have units for sale on the day.

The suggested retail price for the Apple iPad are below:
16GB – 32GB – 64GB
€499 – €599 – €699 >> Wi-Fi
€599 – €699 – €799 >> 3G