Published This Month ~ August 2010

It is an interesting selection of titles this month. September should see a rush and October a flood. Hopefully you will see something interesting in that too.

IPN Books of the month
I chose two books of the month this month for several reasons. The first because of the opening of the New Landsdowne Stadium, the second because I like to see Irish publishers publishing new fiction and to follow through from Trade Paperback to mass market paperback.

Lansdowne Road: The Stadium; the Matches; the Greatest Days
Gerard Siggins & Malachy Clerkin
€ 17.99 | PB | 352
The O’Brien Press
Sport | August 2010

About The Book
Lansdowne Road has long been renowned as a sacred place for international rugby and soccer. In this affectionate history, the authors lift the lid on its greatest days and nights.
From the birth of the stadium in 1873 till it closed for rebuilding in 2006, they bring to life fascinating stories such as that of the Native American lacrosse team, the brilliant athletic stars of the 1940s and 1950s, and the American Football experiment.

The triple crowns, stirring victories and memorable goals and tries that brought the crowd worldwide fame as ‘The Lansdowne Roar’ are all here, as well as the moments of comedy and tragedy that marked the life of Ireland’s oldest stadium.

If I Trust In You
Deidre Eustace
€ 8.99 | PB | 364pp
Hawk Hill Publishing
Fiction | August 2010

About The Book
Addy O’Driscoll has it all. Life on the south east coast of Ireland with loving husband Barry couldn’t be more idyllic. For Addy’s best friend Louise, still recovering from the loss of her first love Tom, life has been very different but will a new job and the attentions of local teacher Jim Ryan bring her happiness once again?

The Ship of Seven Murders: A True Story of Madness & Murder
Alannah & Kathy Hopkin & Bunney
€ 12.99 | pb | 240pp
The Collins Press
History/folklore | August 2010

About The Book
In 1828, the Mary Russell sailed into Cork Harbour from the West Indies. Seven crewmen lay in the main salon, brutally murdered by the captain. The trial was a sensation as survivors revealed a tale of danger and delusion. But what really happened? This bizarre tragedy and the dramatic court case are unravelled in this gripping account.

Green & Gold Ireland a Clean Energy World Leader?
John Travers
€ 14.99 | PB | 264pp
The Collins Press
Current Affairs | August 2010

About The Book
While many agree that Ireland can become a world leader in clean energy, there is little agreement on how. John Travers examines the challenge and opportunity facing Ireland. He assesses how alternatives will enable us to meet our needs, achieve energy independence, and provide an opportunity for Ireland to become a world leader and global beacon of clean energy.

The Wild Garden A new illustrated edition with photographs & notes by Charles Nelson
William Robinson
€ 29.99 | HB | 236pp
The Collins Press
Gardening/History | August 2010

About The Book
The Wild Garden, one of the most influential books published in the history of gardening, was first published in 1870. It challenged the prevailing formal bedding style, advocating the use of hardy perennials and annuals to provide long-lasting, self-perpetuating displays. The book has a special resonance for Irish gardens and gardeners, as Robinson is Irish and trained as a gardener in Ireland. This edition, the first published in Ireland, is augmented with captivating photographs and notes by Charles Nelson, whose introductory essay sets Robinson and his book in context.

Privilege & Poverty The Life and Times of Irish Painter & Naturalist Alexander Williams RHA 1846–1930
Gordon T. Ledbetter
€ 40.00 | hb | 376pp
The Collins Press
Art/Biography | August  2010

About The Book
Alexander Williams was the first artist to open the West of Ireland to a broad audience. His life was extraordinarily wide-ranging. A landscape painter, he was also an apprentice hatter, a taxidermist and a professional singer. Illustrated with a wide selection of his work, this biography illuminates the diversity of his life and times with material found nowhere else.

Missing in Action: The 50 Year Search for Ireland’s Missing Soldier
Ralph/John Riegel/O’Mahony
€ 14.99 | PB | 256pp
Mercier Press
Irish Military History  | August 2010

About The Book
On 15 September 1961, Trooper Patrick Mullins (18) was posted missing after a bloody ambush of an Irish UN convoy in a suburb of Elizabethville in the Katanga province of the Congo. Injured, out-gunned and out-numbered, Tpr Mullins fought with astonishing courage as he desperately tried to save his dying comrade and reach friendly lines. But after a fierce gun-fight from his crippled armoured car, Patrick Mullins was killed and his body taken as spoils of war by the tribal militia supporting the Katangan rebels. When Ireland finally ended its UN mission in the Congo and the last battalion shipped home, Tpr Mullins’ body remained buried in an unknown Congolese grave. With the 50th anniversary of his death fast approaching, the Mullins family remain caught in the terrible nightmare of maintaining an empty grave for him at the foothills of the Galtee Mountains.This fascinating book describes Tpr Mullins’ story, the struggle to find his body and the difficulties in bringing it home.

Renegades Irish Republican Women 1900-1922
Ann Matthews
€ 19.99 | PB | 352pp
Mercier Press
History  | August 2010

About The Book
Renegades details the tragedies, triumphs, politics and conflicts experienced by Irish women during the country’s War of Independence and Civil War. It will shock and possibly disturb any romanticised views of their role in this period of Irish history because the reality of the abuse of women within the general population by both sides in both Wars is absent in most histories of the period. But this ‘war on women’, which manifested itself in the form of physical and sexual assaults meant that many women suffered a terror that was not confined to armed conflict. The book also explores the separation of republican women during the Irish War of Independence and Civil War, into two distinct groups. Cumann na mBan members perceived their role to be purely military and so they did not engage in politics. On the other hand the political women, who by this time perceived themselves as the female political elite, were proactive in pursuit of a significant position in Irish politics, especially when the Sinn Fe?in party was reformed in October 1917.

IRA Jailbreaks 1918-1921
€19.99 | PB | 320pp
Mercier Press
Irish History  | August 2010

About The Book
IRA Jailbreaks 1918—1921 features the factual accounts of 25 daring rescues, rescue attempts and jailbreaks which raised the morale of nationalist Ireland and brought world-wide ridicule and discredit on the prison and internment camp systems in Britain and Ireland.  With stories of their resistence to the degrading criminal code by the political prisoners, the hunger strikes and jail riots, the savage beatings and punishments the prisoners suffered during their incarceration, their accounts offer a window on the world of the men who fought and were imprisoned during the struggle for Ireland’s independence. Here is history documented by the men who made it.

Oral and print cultures in Ireland, 1600-1900
Marc Caball/Andrew Carpenter, eds
€55.00 | HB | 160pp
Four Courts Press
Social History | August 2010

About The Book
In charting previously unexplored patterns of communicative practice, these essays by leading experts examine the interchange between written and verbal cultures in Ireland from the 17th century to the beginning of the 19th century.

An English-Irish lexicon of scientific and technological space-related terminology
Susan McKenna Lawlor/Damien Ó Muirí
€24.95 | HB | 152pp
Four Courts Press
Reference | August 2010

About The Book
This unique lexicon features over 3,500 astronautical terms, listed alphabetically in English, with their Irish translation. It is a stand-alone edition based on a twenty-language lexicon prepared by the International Academy of Astronautics on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary in 2010. This book contains a comprehensive introductory essay, providing background information on the International Academy of Astronautics and its work to develop a multi-lingual lexicon of space-related terminology. The preface also discusses the astronomical heritage of Ireland; the Irish language; the method of translation adopted in preparing the present English-Irish lexicon; and some of the practical problems encountered in translating scientific and technical terms into Irish.

From the Viking word-hoard A dictionary of Scandinavian words in the languages of Britain and Ireland
Diarmaid Ó Muirithe
€50.00 | HB | 352pp
Four Courts Press
Reference | August 2010

About The Book
At the beginning of the 9th century the growing population of the three great branches of the Scandinavian race who people the countries abutting the Baltic – the Norsemen or Northmen, the Swedes and Danes – began a great outward movement which was caused both by political changes and their enterprising nature. Thus the 9th century came to be known as the Age of the Vikings, Víkinga-Öld. The Danish emigration directed its course to the north-east of England. The second migration was Norse, whose settlers gradually peopled the coasts of Ireland, northern Scotland and the Isle of Man. They left a lasting linguistic heritage. This book is a glossary of words in the various language of Britain and Ireland which owe their origin to the intrepid raiders and merchants of Scandinavia.

The Dublin region in the Middle Ages Settlement, land-use and economy
Margaret/Michael Murphy/Potterton
€50.00 | HB | 608pp
Four Courts Press
Geography | August 2010

About The Book
This is the first major publication of the Discovery Programme’s Medieval Rural Settlement Project. The book is a study of the medieval region that contained and was defined by the presence of Ireland’s largest nucleated settlement. Combining documentary and archaeological data this volume explores the primary settlement features of the hinterland area (all of Co. Dublin and large parts of Kildare, Meath and Wicklow), including defensive monuments, manors, the church and the Pale. It examines the way s in which resources of the region were managed and exploited to produce food, fuel and raw materials for both town and country, and investigates the processing of the raw materials for human consumption. Then as now, the city profoundly affected its surrounding area through its demands for resources and through the ownership of land by Dubliners and the control of trade by city merchants. In addition to presenting a timely examination of urban-rural interaction, the volume contributes to wider debates on topics such as settlement landscapes, the role of lordship and the productivity of agriculture.

Pieces of My Heart
Sinéad Moriarty
€ 15.99 | TPB | 448pp
Penguin Ireland
Fiction | August 2010

About The Book
Ava is a wife, lover, mother, daughter, friend, fixer, boss … so many different people, in fact, she no longer knows what it means to be herself …,,9781844881512,00.html?strSrchSql=Pieces+of+My+Heart%2A/Pieces_of_My_Heart_Sinead_Moriarty

Mini Scientist in the Garden
Lisa Burke
€ 9.99 | HB | 24pp
Children’s Non-Fiction | August 2010

About The Book
Fun experiments in the garden for mini scientists

Mini Scientist in the Kitchen
Lisa Burke
€ 9.99 | HB | 24pp
Children’s Non-Fiction | August 2010

About The Book
Fun experiments in the kitchen for mini scientists

Stuart Neville
£12.99 | TPB | 368pp
Harvil Secker
Fiction | August 2010

About The Book
A fast-paced thriller about duty and revenge, Collusion is the blistering sequel to The Twelve, one of the most highly acclaimed debuts of recent years.

Lansdowne Through The Years
Edward Newman
£13.99 | TPB | 320pp
Hachette Ireland
Sport | August 2010

About The Book
Accompanied by evocative photographs, these recollections provide the perfect record of Irish rugby’s greatest days and greatest deeds to commemorate the opening of the new Aviva Stadium.

Kicking On
Dave Hannigan
€ 7.99 | PB | 192pp
The O’Brien Press
Children’s Fiction | August 2010

About The Book
Latest in the hugely popular sports fiction series from O’Brien Press, with authentic GAA match action and adventures on and off the field, the first children’s book by well-known sports journalist Dave Hannigan, Age 9+

Vet among the Pigeons
Gillian Hick
€ 11.99 | PB | 256pp
The O’Brien Press
Memoir | August 2010

About The Book
More hilarious true-life tales from Wicklow vet Gillian Hick, following on from the success of Vet  the Loose.