Ross O'Carroll Kelly On Sunshine 106.8FM

Paul HowardPaul Howard, AKA Ross O’Carroll Kelly appeared on Sunshine’s Dublin’s Talking, show with Lynsey Dolan to promote his latest, The Oh My God Delusion.
ROCK – Part One
ROCK – Part Two

Publisher’s Description
That risk assessor ex of Sorcha’s turned out to be right – it really was the end of the world as we knew it …

I thought the party was going to last forever. But as I watched the steel shutters fall, one by one, on all my old haunts – Renards, Mint, Guess Menswear – I realised that I was as deluded as everyone else. Suddenly, I was beng told I had to “share the pain” when I had more than enough of my own, thank you very much. Sorcha’s boutique was bleeding me dry, the Deportment of Social Welfare had stuck two members of the Westies criminal gang in penthouse next to mine and Oisinn, deep in debt, hadn’t been seen since he porked his cor at Dublin Airport and took off for who-knows-where.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” the old man went, rubbing his hands together. “Times like these, they bring out the best in entrepreneurs like us.”

It’s like the Noughties never happened. Still, I thought, at least I still have my Leinster Schools Senior Cup medal – until a letter from Castlerock College took away that one final certainly. For once, ‘Oh my God!’ doesn’t even cover it.

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