Quick Link | Are free books the future of publishing?

It works like this: Concord Free Press decide to publish a novel, the latest offering being Scott Phillips’s Rut , a tale of sci-fi dystopia set 50 years in the future. The novel goes through all the editing, proofing and printing hoops a conventionally published novel does, and CFP makes it available through its website. A reader orders a copy, and then commits to a charitable donation of his or her choice whenever the book arrives in the post. It’s a model that’s heavily dependent on the kindness of strangers.

“It was an incredibly risky experiment,” Fitch agrees, “but pretty quickly, it wasn’t an experiment anymore. Give + Take triggered more than $40,000 in donations to causes and people in need, from ‘£9 on the streets of Edinburgh’ to ‘$20 to a blind Aborigine on the streets of Alice Springs’.

via Are free books the future of publishing? – The Irish Times – Wed, Nov 10, 2010.