Donal MacIntyre On Sunshine 106.8FM

Journalist and author Donal MacIntyre was on Sunshine 1096.8FM’s Dublin Today with Lysney Dolan last week. The interview is below:
Donal MacInytre
Donal’s newest book is the first from new publisher Y Books and can be bought here.
Book Description
Donal MacIntyre has skydived over the Arctic, raced camels in the Arabian sands and opened his very own brothel in the heart of Camden Town. He has gone undercover with football hooligans, befriended notorious gangsters and gotten up close and personal with Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair and his devoted neo-Nazi followers. He was abducted by warlords in the Congo and has spent time on death row in America’s most infamous penitentiary. From the depths of the criminal underworld to the sequined heights of Dancing on Ice, MacIntyre confounds, amuses and astounds.

In Hitmen, Gangsters, Cannibals and Me, Donal opens up his reporter’s notebook for the first time to reveal the compelling story of the man behind the stories. In this candid and revealing memoir, we are given a fascinating and hilarious insight into what it means to truly live a live without limits.