The IPN Archive
This is the archive of Irish Publishing News, a site that was published actively from 2011-2013. No new pieces will be published here. Please treat information contained on the site in that fashion, it may be outdated or inaccurate because of the passage of time.

Quick Link | CUP looks to digital

Cambridge University Press is anticipating that sales from digital products could account for two-thirds of sales by 2020, after its operating surplus increased by 50% to £5.1m. In its annual report for the year to 30th April 2010, publishing sales…

Quick Link | Duckworth sells academic side of business to Bloomsbury |

Bloomsbury has bought the academic business of independent publisher Duckworth, and will represent the Duckworth Trade list in the UK and all overseas markets from 1st March 2011. Duckworth Academic will operate as Bristol Classical Press, taking effect immediately. Deborah…