Top Ten Week Ending 18/12/2010

Quite a week for Christmas this year with sales of the top ten titles falling JUST short of 50,000 units. If it confirms anything it is the total dominance of Irish writers and projects. Eight of the top ten titles and fifteen of the top twenty titles are Irish authored projects. A pretty remarkable result in a market that seems somewhere between 75% and 85% of the books sold on our shelves published by foreign based publishers.

It was another remarkable result for Penguin companies too, a number one, number eight AND a number ten. In fact in the top twenty alone they have seven titles, mostly Penguin Ireland titles of which there are four in the top twenty.

Both mentor and Gill & Macmillan will be pleased with the week of sales. Soundings has proved ‘the little title that could’, selling enormous numbers of units since release and finishing on a tremendous note. Mentor’s Us2 showed the strength of Ray D’Arcy with a huge but short sell through which included a number one the week before Christmas week. Barnardos will profit from the titles success too as a portion of each unit sold will go to the children’s charity.

Of course, because Christmas falls on a Saturday a huge week of sales remains to be account for (numbers are collected Sunday-Saturday). Given the hefty sales this week and the snow effect during the current week, it seems likely that those results may be more subdued. However, it will be interesting to see how the results end up.

1: Jamie’s 30-minute Meals, Jamie Oliver, 7,748
2: John Giles a Football Man, John Giles, 6,568
3: Us 2:Saturday 2nd October 2010, Ray D’Arcy , 6,063
4: Guinness World Records 2011, 5,484
5: Soundings: Poems We Did for Our Leaving Certificate, 4,274
6: JFK in Ireland:Four Days That Changed a President, Ryan Tubridy, 4,266
7: Room, Emma Donoghue, 4,107
8: The Oh My God Delusion, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly, 4,034
9: Homecoming, Cathy Kelly, 3,448
10: Wasters, Shane Ross & Nick Webb, 3,386