The Fitzpatrick Tapes Monday Round Up

A book based on a series of formal interviews given by Sean Fitzpatrick to Tom Lyons of the Sunday Times and co-written by Lyons and his Sunday Times Colleague Brian Carey has been ‘flying off the shelves’ according to the Publisher, Michael McLoughlin of Penguin Ireland.

McLoughlin also tweeted today that there were, ‘Lots of reorders this morning from Dublin bookshops.’

Yesterday we covered the story of how Penguin managed to bring the book to publication in a covert manner, with booksellers not knowing what the topic of the book was until copies arrived in store on Sunday morning.

The first to face questions was Brian Cowen who was revealed to have had two previously unknown contacts with the former Anglo Irish Bank Chief Executive and  Chairman:

RTÉ: (Sunday, Monday)
The Irish Times: (Sunday, Monday)

Fionnan Sheahan in the Irish Independent raised some concerns over the book:

it is believed the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) considered taking out an injunction against the new book in which Mr FitzPatrick gives his version of Anglo’s collapse.
There were concerns the book’s contents could jeopardise potential prosecutions against Anglo management. But the DPP’s office did not take any action and did not obtain a copy in advance of publication.
Penguin, the publishers of the book, ‘The FitzPatrick Tapes’ said it had had no contact from state authorities.

Irish Independent: (Monday)

But the book also raised questions for Penguin Ireland on Twitter when well-known communications advisor, Damien Mulley demanded to know if Sean Fitzpatrick would benefit from the book and if the publisher would contribute some of the proceeds to a charity.

McLoughlin responded on Twitter saying, ‘it’s not ‘Seanie’s book’. It’s Tom Lyons & Brian Carey’s. No, we won’t be ‘donating’ any proceeds from sales to anybody.’

The authors of the book today appeared on Newstalk, RTE radio and several other radio outlets to discuss the book and the process of interviewing Fitzpatrick.