The Fitzpatrick Tapes ~ Tuesday Round Up

Today’s Irish Independent features a quote from Easons head of book buyer Maria Dickinson who says: ‘There has been huge demand for this book since it went on sale yesterday. Several Easons stores have had to re-order the title less than 24 hours after it went on sale.’ Read The Rest

The Belfast Telegraph focuses on the possibility that Cowen misled the Dail: ‘Taoiseach Brian Cowen repeatedly failed to tell the Dail that he was contacted by Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick about the share ownership crisis in the bank.’ Read The Rest

The Irish Times also focuses on the failure to disclose: It was not as if the Taoiseach had no opportunities to inform the public that he had spoken to Mr FitzPatrick not once, but twice. He had ample opportunity, in the Dáil and elsewhere, to inform the public of his interactions with the disgraced executive who personified Ireland’s banking calamity. And it was not as if Cowen was not asked the right question, as former taoiseach John Bruton once claimed to explain why he evaded giving a full explanation on a controversy. Read The Rest

The Bookseller features an article by IPN Editor, Eoin Purcell:  ‘McLoughlin said that Fitzpatrick “didn’t and won’t get a cent” from Penguin Ireland for his interviews.’ Read The Rest