Irish Top Ten Week Ending 26/02/2011

While fiction seems to be doing rather well holding the top three slots, the general market is down on last week. As the dynamics show, the Top Ten volume is down 11.13% from last week. That marks a dramatic decrease of 25.49% from the volume of only two weeks ago.

Jamie Oliver keeps selling, an impressive feat to be selling over 1,000 units this late in the year after Christmas. A surprise arrival from One Direction’s story but even so fiction so easily dominates that you begin to wonder have there been no interesting books of non-fiction released recently?

1: The Brightest Star in the Sky, Marian Keyes, 1,550
2: Caught, Harlan Coben, 1,270
3: Room, Emma Donoghue, 1,123
4: Jamie’s 30-minute Meals, Jamie Oliver, 1,004
5: The Feel Good Factor:10 Proven Ways to Boost Your Mood and Motivate Yourself, Patrick Holford, 689
6: One Day, David Nicholls, 674
7: The Help, Kathryn Stockett, 672
8: Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro, 644
9: Lily Alone, Jacqueline Wilson, 633
10: One Direction: Forever Young:Our Official X Factor Story, 549


Top Ten Dynamics
IPN is running a top ten dynamics section looking at the top ten with some data drawn out. Nothing too dramatic, but useful nonetheless.

Volume: 8,808 Units
Increase since last week: 1,103
% increase since last week: -11.13%
Fiction: 7 titles, 6,566 units or 74.55%, RRP £8.70
Non-Fiction: 3 titles, 2,242 units or 25.45%, RRP £18.66
Authors: 9 (One Direction title authored by a corporate body)
Irish Authors: 3, 30% (or 33.33% depending on whether you use 9 or 10 as base)
Irish Published Books: 0, 0%
Average RRP: £11.69
Decrease in RRP since last week: £2.84
% Decrease in RRP since last week: -19.54%


Data Supplied by Nielsen BookScan taken from the Irish Consumer Market week ending 26th Feb 2011
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