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Notice the emphasis on non-book products (“built around books”); as people buy more books on the internet, stores like Thalia must rely more and more on other products to turn a profit. So a Thalia is a bookstore where you might browse over the bestsellers, pick up the book you ordered on the internet, and buy some stationary or a toy. Or it’s just a place where you pick up some stationary and a toy. recently reported that Thalia’s e-reader, the Oyo sold unexpectedly well in stores, not online. People wanted to touch and try out the readers. But once those Oyo readers are in use, their sales will be exclusively online, and it’s hard to imagine their e-books won’t cut into store sales (you don’t have to go to a Thalia store to pick up your online purchase, which cuts out an important opportunity to buy stationary and a toy!), or that a more e-reader-educated generation might not be comfortable buying the readers online in the first place.

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