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What seemed a relatively smooth process of expansion at that pace was upended when HarperCollins, publisher of Elmore Leonard, Joyce Carol Oates, Sarah Palin, and scores of other notables, disclosed that, going forward, its e-books would expire after the book was loaned out 26 times, and libraries would need to make another purchase. Until now, the assumption and the practice was that, once a digital book was purchased, it would be there in perpetuity. Librarians were outraged, and boycotts of HarperCollins (including in the most extreme cases their print and audio books also) were imposed in a number of systems. Julie Bosman provided a thorough recap of the dispute in the New York Times. On a local level, the Omaha World Herald added grassroots details. The Nebraska Library Commission’s 64 members were among those supporting an immediate boycott. David Mixdorf, director of the South Sioux City Library, said his board had ordered that no further acquisitions of any kind be made from HarperCollins. “We have to draw the line somewhere on our budget,” he told the newspaper. “This hits us pretty hard at a time when our budget seems to be constantly shrinking.”

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