Are publishers ignoring the goldrush? Declan Burke In The Irish Times

Interesting piece by Declan Burke on ebooks and publishing. Brings to mind some of the pieces by Catherine Ryan Howard over the last few months on her success. Trend or trivial?

It’s not just the royalties that will have to change, however. Leather believes that a genuine revolution in publishing is underway. “Publishers will also have to take back the role that they relinquished to agents over the years,” he says, “and start to look for new talent again. In America, Amanda Hocking has gone from selling more than a million self-published vampire and zombie ebooks to signing a $2 million deal with a leading publisher. I think the smart publishers will all now be looking for the next Amanda Hocking. And the best place for that is to take a look at the ebook bestseller list.

“I think it’s going to be a long time before we see the back of paper books. But there’s no doubt that within the next few years we’ll see ebook sales overtake the sales of conventional books. The big question is whether or not the traditional publishing industry is going to be able to adapt to the new markets. I think they will, but I think the transition is going to be painful.”

via Are publishers ignoring the goldrush? – The Irish Times – Wed, Apr 20, 2011.