Cork University Press Signs Up To Ebook Platform

Cork University Press has signed a deal to join the University Press Contents Consortium (UPCC) an academic digital publishing and reading platform for the worldwide library community.

The UPCC will be run by project MUSE, which is the leading e-journal in the humanities and social sciences.

The UPCC will launch in January 2012.

The platform will make e-books from over 50 university presses and non-profit scholarly presses — representing as many as 30,000 frontlist and backlist titles — available in an online environment along with content from nearly 500 journals currently on MUSE.

The initiative will adopt a collection-based pricing model which is decoupled from print pricing. The UPCC value-based collection list price will be based on an average price per title and will be determined by market-driven factors such as collection size and library budgets.

According to Cork University Press, ‘the feedback from the library market has been overwhelmingly positive. The goal is to deliver the largest collection of high quality university press e-books to the widest possible audience. In this age of shrinking library budgets, the market research revealed that libraries would object to purchasing the same e-books multiple times in various collections and aggregations.’