Books, Newspapers And Stationery Retail Sales Relatively Static In March 2011

Overall retail sales in March 2011 were slightly up on sales in February 2011, while the Books, Newspapers and Stationery sub-section saw a .5% increase in value but a .1% decrease in volume according to data released by the Central Statistic Office (CSO).

However the figures reflected a 1.7% fall in volume and a 1.2% fall in value on March 2010. The impact of the motor trade continues to be significant and if figures for that sector were excluded, value would be down 2.5% year-on-year and volume down 3.5%.

On an annualized basis the Book, Newspapers and Stationery sub-sector was down 8.8% in value and 10.4% in volume, much worse than the index as a whole.

The sub-sector is now the worst category when compared with the base year of 2005 in volume terms down some 32.7% on that year. In value terms the sub-sector is down 26.9% on 2005, behind only Furniture and Lighting (-42.2%), Electrical Goods (-28.2%) and Motor Trades (-37%).