Irish Top Ten Week Ending 23/04/2011

A decent week for the top ten showing an increase on last week and a strong performance by some well-established Irish authors.

Michael Connelly, one of those authors who rarely gets mentioned in Irish books pages but who sells VERY well, leaps ahead of Joseph O’Connor’s Ghost Light for the first spot.

Sheila O’Flanagan, Patricia Scanlan and Claudia Carroll round out the top five with five other fiction titles making the ten. It seems remarkable that fiction dominates so thoroughly, but the closest non-fiction title to the top ten is Philomena Lynott’s My Boy.

1: The Fifth Witness, Michael Connolly, 1,494
2: Ghost Light, Joseph O’Connor, 1,433
3: Stand by Me, Sheila O’Flanagan, 1,325
4: Love and Marriage, Patricia Scanlan, 1,071
5: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Claudia Carroll, 887
6: Sing You Home, Jodi Picoult, 846
7: Skippy Dies, Paul Murray, 839
8: The Slap, Christos Tsiolkas, 709
9: Homecoming, Cathy Kelly, 702
10: Room, Emma Donoghue, 696

Top Ten Dynamics
IPN is running a top ten dynamics section looking at the top ten with some data drawn out. Nothing too dramatic, but useful nonetheless.

Volume: 10,002 Units
Increase since last week: 1,152 units
% Increase since last week: 13.02%

Fiction: 10 titles, 10,002 units or 100%, RRP £10.19
Non-Fiction: 0 titles, 0 units or 0%, RRP £0

Authors: 10 (one book is co-authored)
Irish Authors: 7, 70%
Irish Published Books: 0, 0%

Average RRP: £10.19
Increase in RRP since last week: -£1.20
% Increase in RRP since last week: -10.54%*
*It is important to note that RRP does not reflect actually selling price.

Data Supplied by Nielsen BookScan taken from the Irish Consumer Market week ending 23rd April 2011

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