Irish Top Ten Week Ending 18/06/2011

With this top ten analysis, IPN is finally up to date with the Irish Top Ten!

If last week was a great base, then this week’s top ten was a nice step forward. Across the board titles did better, reflected in the average top ten unit sales of 1,204. The top ten also got a fresh influx of titles too, with Maeve Binchy, Harlan Coben, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly and James Patterson (with a new title) making the list this week.

That influx brought a doubling of the Irish Authors in the top ten and also washed the second non-fiction title out of the mix, leaving the resilient Kate McCann’s title as the only non-fiction title in the top ten.

1: Something from Tiffany’s, Melissa Hill, 1,729
2: The Confession, John Grisham, 1,524
3: Madeleine: Our Daughter’s Disappearance and the Continuing Search for Her, Kate McCann, 1,361
4: Minding Frankie, Maeve Binchy, 1,344
5: Miracle Cure, Harlan Coben, 1,126
6: , James Patterson, 1,046
7: Stand by Me, Sheila O’Flanagan, 985
8: Cross Fire, James Patterson, 979
9: A Game of Thrones Book 1 of a Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin, 973
10: The Oh My God Delusion, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly, 971

Top Ten Dynamics
IPN is running a top ten dynamics section looking at the top ten with some data drawn out. Nothing too dramatic, but useful nonetheless.

Volume: 12,038 Units
Increase since last week: 1,090 units
% Increase since last week: 9.96%
Average Units Per Title: 1204

Fiction: 9 titles, 10,677 units or 88.69%, RRP £9.21
Non-Fiction: 1 titles, 1,361 units or 11.31%, RRP £14.99

Authors: 10
Irish Authors: 4, 40%
Irish Published Books: 0, 0%

Average RRP: £9.79
Decrease in RRP since last week: £0.30
% Decrease in RRP since last week: 3.12%*
*It is important to note that RRP does not reflect actually selling price.

Data Supplied by Nielsen BookScan taken from the Irish Consumer Market week ending 18th June 2011