Books, Newspapers And Stationery Sales Down In May

The latest data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) from the Retail Sales Index shows that on an adjusted and an unadjusted basis, sales in the Books, Newspapers and Stationery sector have fallen in May 2011.

The drop in the value of the index from April 2011 to may 2011 was some 5.2 points and in volume terms was 4.6 leaving the unadjusted index at only 57.4% of the 2005 value and 51.8% of the 2005 volume.

The drop for the adjusted basis was somewhat more positive from April to May with the figures showing that the retail index in May was down b2.1 in value terms and 1.2 points in volume terms. The adjusted index stands at 71.8% of the 2005 value and 65.7% of the 2005 volume.

On an annual adjusted basis the figures represent a drop of 7.3 points in value terms and 9.6 points in volume terms compared with May 2010.