Mercier Rebrands McCaughren's Children's Classics

Mercier Press, the Cork based independent publisher, has reissued three of Tom McCaughren’s classic children’s books; The Legend of the Golden Key, The Legend of the Phantom Highwayman, The Legend of the Corrib King.

The books explore a series of mysterious cases and feature cousins, Tapser and Cowlick. Mercier acquired the titles when they purchased the Children’s Press as part of their acquisition of the Anvil Press in 2009.

Best know for his Run With The Wind series of books on foxes, Tom McCaughren is a former reporter for The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish Times and RTE.

Originally from Ballymena, Co. Antrim, he has written fifteen books altogether. He has won five awards for literature including The White Ravens from the International Youth Library in Munich, the Reading Association of Ireland Award and the Bisto/Children’s Book Trust Books of the Decade Award.