Irish Top Ten Week Ending 23/07/2011

Boy, that was a blow out week last week for A Dance With Dragons. Oddly enough, it hasn’t held on for a second week instead coming in at number twelve with only 696 sales. On the other hand, the first book in the series, A Game Of Thrones, is still selling solidly driven by the HBO tv series and the relentless hype no doubt. George R.R. Martin can rest easy then, if only half of the purchasers of his first book continue to his fifth book he’ll still be doing okay.

The upcoming movie for One Day by David Nicholls boosts that title into the number one slot but in truth the book has been bubbling along very nicely for some time. It has rarely been far from the top of the charts over the last nine or ten months and actually seems to be genuinely popular among readers and reinforced by positive word of mouth.

Overall it’s been a terrible fall off for the top ten after the smashing figures last week. The drop is also exactly the same as the sales for A Dance With Dragons last week strangely.

1: One Day, David Nicholls, 1,208
2: The Leopard, Jo Nesbo, 1,077
3: All for You, Sheila O’Flanagan, 1,066
4: Minding Frankie, Maeve Binchy, 890
5: Something from Tiffany’s, Melissa Hill, 782
6: Fallen, Karin Slaughter, 772
7: The Midwife’s Confession,  Diane Chamberlain, 771
8: A Game Of Thrones Bk One Of A Song Of Ice & Fire , George R. R. Martin,  767
9: The Reversal, Michael Connelly, 716
10: Belle, Lesley Pearse, 703

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Top Ten Dynamics

IPN is running a top ten dynamics section looking at the top ten with some data drawn out. Nothing too dramatic, but useful nonetheless.

Volume: 8,752 Units
Decrease since last week: 2,300 units
% Decrease since last week: -20.81%
Average Units Per Title: 875

Fiction: 10 titles, 8,752 units or 100%, RRP £9.69
Non-Fiction: 0 titles, 0 units or 0%, RRP £0

Authors: 10
Irish Authors: 3, 30%
Irish Published Books: 0, 0%

Average RRP: £9.69
Decrease in RRP since last week: £1.70
% Decrease in RRP since last week: -14.93%*
*It is important to note that RRP does not reflect actually selling price.

Data Supplied by Nielsen BookScan taken from the Irish Consumer Market week ending 23rd July 2011
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