The IT Tackles Ebook Pricing >> Why should the price of ebooks . . . be on the floor?

Actually a nice piece on ebook pricing in The Irish Times. Interestingly there’s a fairly broad set of views on pricing from the Irish industry including a somewhat reluctant sounding Stuart Neville:

John Mooney is in broad agreement. “The traditional publishing model is long dead,” he says. “Maverick House does offer some ebooks at low prices if we feel the author needs support, but this does not guarantee sales. We have digitised our backlist, and the books that sell in large quantities on Kindle and in other digital formats are those offered at full price. People will not purchase books which they do not wish to read just because they are cheap.

“People who use ereaders tend to be avid readers, they are people who are selective about what they read.”

“Readers still want quality,” says Arlene Hunt, “both in terms of story and product. Books for 99 cent might be a novelty now, but there’s an element of you-get-what-you-pay-for there.

via Why should the price of ebooks . . . be on the floor? – The Irish Times – Tue, Feb 21, 2012.