Charts: Top Ten Ebooks In Ireland March 16th 2012



We’ve gone with a visual line up from Apple iBooks* this week, to vary it.  I find the difference between the two stores fascinating. I expect that Easons is outselling iBooks and hence the rather eclectic mix in iBooks, but even so the fact that is only 30% cross-over seems odd. It indicates totally difference audiences.

One rather interesting snippet, aside from the fact that Y Books has scored a number one in iBooks with their edition of Dermot O’Connor’s Healing code, is that Neil Jordan’s Mistaken seems to be performing well in ebook format for Easons.


As with last week, these top ten lists carry huge caveats. First that they represent a shifting top ten recorded by IPN at a given time and do not reflect ebook sales over a longer period. Second that they do not indicate volume or value of sales. Thirdly and finally that although the do indicate the top ten at the time of recording, they are subject to change due to sales at any given time.

And, as was pointed out in the comments:

Not one of these ebook sales can be read on a Kindle. Plus, if between 80-90% of ebook sales are through Amazon for the Kindle, does this really tell us anything beyond the limited sales two marginal ebook retailers?

You’ll find no disagreement here with that, but we have to start somewhere!



*Correct as at 10pm 15/03/2012