The History Press Ireland Publishes Book By Economist Peter Bacon

The History Press Ireland has just published a book with well-known economist Peter Bacon.

Although Bacon is best known as an economist, he authored several reports on the Housing Market during the bubble and is considered the architect of NAMA, Land Lust & Gunsmoke is not an economic tome.

In fact the book deals with the social history of Game Shooting in Ireland.

According to the publishers blurb:

During the heyday of a landed gentry poised on the brink of social upheaval, organised shooting played a central role in the lives of both rich and poor across large swathes of the countryside. For some it was the theatre in which alliances were forged, marriages made and economic ties strengthened; for others it was a primary source of employment and a mainstay of everyday life. In addition, what can sometimes be missed in the debate on the place of such pursuits in a modern world is the central role that game shooting has played in conservationism and the protection of wildlife habitats. These arguments and more are explored in this book, set against the background of the richly coloured world of the Ascendancy at play.

With 320 pages and priced at some €45.00 the hardback book will appeal to a niche audience but committed one all the same and if it lives up to its billing will surely find interested readers across a much wider audience.