Irish Top Ten Week Ending 07/07/2012

The massive and ongoing sales success of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is pretty remarkable (over 20,000 copies this week), made more so by two factors, the first that supply has clearly been a major issue, several bookshops tweeted or Facebooked pictures of fresh stock arriving into their office or reported that the stock they had recieved was already sold out again, the second that sales as reported through Nielsen do not include firm sales for many independents (these are instead ‘estimated’ but for a freak title like this, I’d wager any estimation is on the low side, especially because the sales for the trilogy seem to have been happening across the board).

I wonder how many sales are happening where we can’t seem them in ANY way, in digital format. Irish Kindle buyers can buy ebooks one of two ways. Most do so via because that is the default setting for Irish purchased Kindle devices. Some people do buy via because the purchased their Kindle in the UK or use a UK account for their registration account. Any sales through those stores are invisible to the trade.

Only iBooks, Apple’s ebook store, and Easons has a dedicated  ebook charts, but we don’t know on either what volume of sales we are seeing. Nonetheless on both of those charts, the Fifty titles seem to be doing well, in the case of iBooks as you can see above, VERY well. I wish I had more data!

Rank Title Author Units
1 Fifty Shades of Grey EL James 10,195
2 Fifty Shades Freed EL James 5,562
3 Fifty Shades Darker EL James 4,420
4 Hunger Games Classic Suzanne Collins 1,585
5 Better Together Sheila O’Flanagan 1,395
6 Catching Fire Classic Suzanne Collins 1,365
7 Mockingjay Classic Suzanne Collins 1,313
8 Ancient Light John Banville 1,083
9 Triggs: the Autobiography Paul Howard 800
9 Me and My Sisters SineadMoriarty 683

Data Supplied by Nielsen BookScan taken from the Irish Consumer Market week ending 7th July 2012