Irish Top Ten Week Ending 28/07/2012 & Week Ending 21/07/2012

It is possible, that we have just passed the high point of Fifty Shades Of Grey in the Irish market. The week ending 28th July saw sales of the series drop by 20.2% from 46,843 in the week ending 2st July 2012 to only 37,381.

It is still a remarkable haul and just to reinforce that, in the four chart weeks of July the series has sold over 140,000 books. Recall too that the Nielsen data does not cover the entire market and while some weighting is built into the figures, for a book like Fifty Shades that weighting might not be correct.

Even so it seems like the highest levels of sales has now passed by and unless we see a resurgence later in the year, perhaps one prompted by Christmas, it seems likely that sales will slide downwards. The key question is how quickly, it’s a long way from selling 37,000 copies a week to selling the 3-4,000 a week Suzanne Collins has been racking up, but most authors would be very pleased with those numbers.

The six top ten slots the two authors have held over the summer has meant that few other authors have gained much air. John Banville’s Ancient Light has performed well and other Irish authors, Paul Howard, Sinead Moriarty, Sheila O’Flanagan and Claudia Caroll have managed to climb into the chart in July proving that while the Irish book buying public is VERY enthused with erotica (at least for now) some of them haven’t forsaken the less exotic Irish authors.