Kindles On The Floor In Hodges Figgis

The Waterstones deal with Amazon to sell Kindle’s in the chain’s bookstores has stretched all the way into one of Ireland’s oldest and best known bookstore, Hodges Figgis, which is located on Dawson Street.

The beloved retailer of print books boasts posters using Pride & prejudice to promote the new devices as well as a dedicated accessory shelf area and a bespoke display table for the devices which start at €79.00.

A poster on the display areas makes clear that the new-ish Paperwhite Kindle has sold out too, suggesting that the Kindle has proved popular among Waterstones shoppers.

Until recently, Hodges shared the street with another branch of the Waterstones chain, but the store across the road closed down in 2011.

Easons is to launch a rival ereader, the Eason Lead later this year.