Hughes & Hughes Selling Kobo Ereaders

Kobo Glo in H&H St Stephen’s Green

Hughes & Hughes booksellers has signed a deal with ebook retailer Kobo that will see the bookseller selling ereaders in their bookstores this Christmas.

Hughes will offer two devices in-store, the Kobo Glo ereader which features an LED lit screen for €135.95 and the Kobo Mini which has a 5 inch touch-screen for €89.95.

In a statement issued by the bookseller the company said:

Just like us, Kobo is passionate about books. What’s more, unlike its online competitors, the company is a firm friend to the high street bookseller. Set up your Kobo account through our link, download your next great read instantly from a choice of over 3 million eBook titles – including best sellers, hidden gems, Indie picks and personalised recommendations – from the Kobo website and continue to support your local H&H with every purchase.

The move comes as Eason prepares to launch its new Leaf eReader and marks a distinct increase in the competition among booksellers and ebook sellers to reach readers. Waterstones stores in Ireland and the UK, including Hodges Figgis, are now selling Kindle in stores.

Kobo announced earlier this year that they would work with the Booksellers Association in the UK & Ireland to sell ereaders in bookshops. The arrangement follows on from a deal the ebook retailer fostered with US Booksellers.

Kobo is the offshoot of Canadian bookseller Indigo, and was recently acquired by ecommerce giant Rakuten.