Good Context On Kobo | Playing to Win International Ebook Wars

Kobo Glo in H&H St Stephen's Green

Kobo Glo in H&H St Stephen’s Green

With the news that Kobo is to hire 30 people in Ireland, many people were waking up to this Amazon competitor for the first time.

Here at Irish Publishing News, we’ve covered Kobo once or twice, most recently when their devices turned up in Hughes & Hughes (and now other independent booksellers in Ireland).

Jemery Greenfield has a good piece of background on Kobo however which will give those looking for more information a tasty dose:

This little upstart from Canada is trying to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and Barnes & Noble.

Like those other companies, Kobo has its own set of devices that have been positively reviewed. Unlike Amazon, Google and Apple, it’s primarily focused on ebooks and e-reading. And, unlike Barnes & Noble, which is extremely U.S.-centric at this early stage of the game, it has international in its DNA. The company has been figuring out how to launch its business in other countries since early on when it expanded to the U.S. And Kobo has inked deals with the American Booksellers Association, a trade group for independent bookstores, and its equivalent in the UK to have indie bookshops sell its devices and ebooks.

via Kobo Playing to Win International Ebook Wars – Forbes.